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TMJ & TMD Symptoms

Do you have clicking, popping or pain in your jaw? End your pain today!

Many symptoms are frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as migraine headaches, tension, pain, neuritis, neuralgia or stress headaches. These are just a few of the symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint syndrome or TMJ/TMD. 

No wonder TMJ disorder is called “great impostor” since it mimics other conditions Patients have been labeled as “hypochondriacs” or told, “It’s all in your head”. However, today TMJ problems are well recognized by practitioners in the health community.

TMJ syndrome is not a specific jaw disorder, but a term used to describe a host of different symptoms that radiate from jaw joint dysfunction. When the joint, muscles and nerves in the jaw are put under pressure, due to an imbalance or poor positioning, it can cause a wide variety of functional and pain symptoms. At Del Rio & Associates we help our patients from all over the world get relief from their symptoms. Our practice provides innovative treatments that relieve pressure on the jaw and stop the pain.

Common Symptoms of TMJ

What makes TMJ difficult to diagnose and treat is the variety of symptoms that can be linked to this syndrome. While the jaw is the location of the disorder, it is not just pain and dysfunction in the jaw that are experienced. In addition to clicking, popping, locking and pain in the jaw, those with TMJ may also have other symptoms, including:

Often these symptoms are misdiagnosed by doctors looking for localized causes. Dr. Franklin Del Rio understands the complexity of this disorder and the wide array of symptoms that can be linked to the jaw area. His method of identifying the symptoms and causes of TMJ offers a suitable treatment to help sufferers. Dr. Del Rio is able give our patients the relief they have been seeking, often the same day of their first treatment. If you live in the Miami area, contact our office to schedule your consultation, and get relief from your TMJ symptoms.

What do Patients Say?

Cindy C.
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Being terrified of the dentist or even the word itself, Dr. Guillermo del Rio & Dr. Franklin del Rio are the absolute best, very caring of every single patient, always making sure if we need anything to just call back and that is rarely something you will find in other dentist. Their staff is so helpful and knowledgeable in every single aspect. Great chair side manner. I would definitely refer anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you and your staff for always being so kind!
Olga Leon
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Before going to Dr. Del Rio, I had surgery in one ear and believed my pain came from that ear. I was unable to open my mouth and had pain in my right eye, check, jaw and neck. After treatment with Dr. Del Rio, all my symptoms disappeared completely. Thanks You
Yolanda Nuñez
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After seeing several specialists, taking analgesic and muscle relaxants due to my constant headache, ear, facial pain and dizziness, I was referred to Dr. Del Rio. It was then that I was diagnosed and treated. I have gone back to my normal life and I am free of pain today. I'm most grateful!

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