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Miami TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments

Dr. Del Rio, can offer quick and effective treatment for our patients from Miami Fl 

What is the cause?

The jaw joints are the same as any other joint in the body, so the causes are the same:

When the teeth and bite do not fit together properly, it can affect both the muscles and the joints. A “bad bite” or malocclusion can result from a missing tooth, misaligned teeth or teeth which are too short.

How is it Diagnosed?

Miami TMJ Treatments

Dr. Del Rio performs a thorough exam to see if the head, jaw sounds or pain are related to the teeth, mouth, jaw or misalignment. Initial exams include electronic and computer-aided studies. 

These sophisticated test could be sonographic joint vibration analysis, EMG recordings and EGN (electrognathography) for mandibular movement and the iCAT (pictured). The office uses the latest in technology of three dimensional imaging. This creates a 360 degree model illustration of the face and jaw making it possible to identify previously undetected conditions by traditional methods. This scan is painless and non-invasive.


TMJ patients benefit from the non-surgical conservative treatment Dr. Del Rio has to offer. Unlike general dentists, he has gone the extra mile in acquiring the special, intense education and training necessary to treat this disorder.

Our main goal is to restore functions and the balance between the teeth, muscles and joints. Variety of treatments may be recommended. Each case is individual. Keep in mind that the entire list may not be necessary for every patient. Some of the treatment may include:

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